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New functionality in the FE CashCalc Fact Find, Schedule a Review and the Gross Cashflow Modeller

Following adviser feedback, we have added new functionality in FE CashCalc which can be found in the Fact Find, Schedule a Review, and the Gross Cashflow Modeller.  

These new improvements will refine your day-to-day processes, ensure compliance with Consumer Duty, and allow you to deliver the best outcomes to your clients and an excellent experience during their financial journey. 

Extra values and fields in the Fact Find

When you onboard a new client, it's important to gather as much information as possible that will help you tailor your recommendations to their unique needs and personalise their experience. To help you with this, we have enriched the Fact Find with more data fields, drop-down lists and extra values.  

In the Personal Details section, you will find new fields like ‘Gender’, ‘Pronoun’, ‘Occupation’, and ‘Nationality’ in a drop-down list format that is more efficient and minimises errors at the same time. Additionally, more values in the ‘Title’ menu and the new ‘Known as’ section will help you to address your client according to their preferences. 

If you would like to know more specific information about your client’s employment situation, we have also added more values in the ‘Employment status’ drop-down field. However, if you feel that more details would help, you’re also able to add custom questions in the ‘Employment’ section. Do this by simply editing your Fact Find Template in ‘Settings’ and selecting ‘Add a section’ to fill in your questions. There are four question types to choose from, such as multiple choice or text-entry. 

Streamline your annual review process

Stay ahead of your review meetings with minimum manual work by automating your Schedule a Review process. Advisers have the option to automatically send the necessary documents to their clients ahead of their scheduled annual review.  

All you need to do is set up how many days ahead of your client’s annual review you would like them to receive the documents and how they should be notified (email or FE CashCalc notification). When the set date arrives, FE CashCalc will automatically send the Fact Find, Attitude to Risk Questionnaire, and Sustainable Investing Questionnaire to your client. 

Tailor your at-retirement client cashflow plans

Designing plans to your client’s unique needs and goals is the essence of financial advice. To help you deliver services of the highest quality, we have now added the option to set your client’s bespoke pension commencement lump sum (PCLS) allowance in the ‘Custom rates’ section of the Gross Cashflow Modeller.  

Since different policies and regulations can affect your client's PCLS allowance, advisers should be able to overwrite the default amount and set the PCLS amounts your client had withdrawn prior to starting the cashflow forecast. 

These small but impactful tweaks will contribute to more impactful financial planning and more accurate forecasting. As always, we hope this enhancement will allow you to provide an even better service to your clients, and any feedback that you may have on how we can further improve the tool is always welcome.