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Simplifying pension contribution calculations with FE CashCalc

Find out how you can easily calculate pension carry forward and tapered annual allowances with FE CashCalc's intuitive tool.

With the end of the financial year approaching, it is crucial for financial advisers to help clients navigate complex pension tax rules to ensure they are making the most of available contribution allowances and won’t encounter any unexpected tax liabilities.

Pension Carry Forward and Tapered Annual Allowance Calculator


During this busy time of the year, FE CashCalc can help you save time doing calculations and create easy to understand reports with our Pension Carry Forward and Tapered Annual Allowance Calculator.

Our calculator helps you easily establish if there has been a tapering of the annual allowance for a specific tax year (from 2019 onwards) and what amount has been overfunded if contributions have been over the annual allowance.

Our tool also guides you every step of the way in understanding how much carry forward has been utilised for each tax year, adding peace of mind for your clients contributing large sums over specific years.

Once you have entered the necessary data, our reports display all the outcomes in an easy to read table and graph – highlighting any available unused annual allowance, carry forward utilised and amount over-funded if applicable, allowing you to provide your clients with the information in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand.

To see the calculator in action, watch the video below:


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