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Tackling the time consumption challenge in fund factsheet production

Time is a precious commodity. Fund groups are constantly battling against the clock to deliver accurate and timely fund information to their clients. Yet, the production of fund factsheets, which are crucial for investor communication, often becomes a bottleneck. Why is this the case and what can be done about it?

The reality of time-consuming processes

Producing a fund factsheet isn't just about filling in the blanks; it involves a meticulous process of gathering, validating and formatting data. This data then needs to be translated into a document digestible for investors and produced in large volumes and several language versions. Traditionally, this process involves numerous manual steps, from data entry to formatting and review. Each step is a potential point of delay and error, making the entire process cumbersome and incredibly time-consuming.

For many fund management groups, this means dedicated hours each month spent handling vast spreadsheets, cross-referencing data and manually populating documents. This labour-intensive process detracts from other critical activities, such as strategy development and client engagement, which directly contribute to the bottom line.

The impact of inefficiency

This inefficient use of time has a direct impact on market responsiveness. In an industry where market conditions can change rapidly, the ability to update and distribute fund factsheets quickly is crucial. Delays in distribution can lead to missed opportunities and can diminish a fund's appeal to both current and potential investors.
Moreover, the longer the production cycle, the greater the risk of data becoming outdated before the document even reaches an investor's hands. In a world where up-to-date information is the cornerstone of investment decisions, outdated factsheets can significantly undermine investor trust and satisfaction.

A smarter way forward

Recognising these challenges, there needs to be a shift towards more efficient practices. Automating the factsheet production process can dramatically reduce the time spent on manual tasks. This not only speeds up the production cycle but also enhances the accuracy of the documents produced, minimising the risk of errors that can occur with manual handling.

How FE fundinfo's Factsheets service can help

FE fundinfo’s Factsheets service transforms this cumbersome process into a streamlined, efficient operation. By automating the configuration and production of fund factsheets, we enable fund marketers to deliver key fund information swiftly and accurately. With our solution, fund management groups can sign off on their fund data more efficiently, significantly reducing the time spent on approvals and edits. This not only frees up valuable resources but also ensures that your documents are always current and compliant, ready to meet the fast-paced demands of the market.

By addressing the core issue of time consumption head-on, FE fundinfo’s Factsheets service helps fund management groups focus on what they do best—managing investments and engaging with clients, rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks. It’s time to think differently about how you produce your fund factsheets and take a step towards a more efficient future.

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