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On-demand webinar: Goal-based cashflow planning - what is it and why should I use it?

Access the webinar to learn how to level up your advice with goal-based cashflow planning.

Goal-based cashflow planning is a vital part of the financial planning process, and allows you to visually map your clients’ financial futures and support them in meeting their goals.

By building detailed cashflow models based on key information about income, expenditure, assets, and more, cashflow planning helps you to answer common questions such as ‘when can I retire?’ and ‘should I be saving more?’ in a powerful and engaging visual format.

Access our on-demand webinar for a deep dive into what goal-based cashflow planning is, how you can implement it, and the significant benefits it brings for both you and your clients.

Topics covered:

  • What goal-based cashflow planning is and where it fits into the advice process
  • How cashflow modelling can improve client understanding
  • Demonstrating the risks associated with different strategies
  • Engaging younger clients with goal-based lifetime cashflow plans

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