The Tripartite Template (TPT) has been developed to simplify and create an industry standard for the exchange of portfolio holdings and look-through regulatory data, benefiting all Solvency II and IORP II stakeholders. Our TPTConnect solution securely collects data from fund managers and facilitates the exchange through to insurance companies and pension funds for use in their regulatory reports.

With a focus on security and efficiency TPTConnect provides fund managers with a single point of entry to facilitate the dissemination of their portfolio holdings data and allows insurers, pensions and service providers to retrieve data in a uniform and secure format.

How it works

How we can help



Our TPTConnect service collects all of the required data for the Tripartite Template, reducing manual collation processes and providing you with confidence and control over the entire process.



We give you a full overview of your data recipients enabling you to customise specific funds and share classes each should receive. Apply your own disclosure policies by setting the frequency of data updates and possible embargos.



After collecting your data we conduct ongoing data checks and validations to ensure only consistent and accurate data flows through to dissemination. Our solution also offers various data enrichment services based on your business requirements.

Backed by the numbers


Years of experience managing the exchange of portfolio holdings data


European Fund Managers providing TPT data through our TPTConnect service


Funds and share classes reported on quarterly

Features of TPTConnect

Meet evolving industry standards

The Tripartite Data Exchange template (TPT) is an industry initiative aiming to simplify and create a standard for reporting portfolio composition information. Our TPTConnect solution has been built on the basis of supporting this and ensures that you always meet the latest industry standard.

Secure and compliant infrastructure

Our exchange mechanism offers a single point of entry, facilitating secure distribution of your confidential information. Our TPTConnect infrastructure gives you full control over who has access to certain information. The solution also provides compliance with necessary intellectual rights and disclosure policies.

Efficient exchange of data

TPTConnect is a centralised data collection platform, facilitating the on-demand exchange of Solvency II, IORP II and look-through data, upon approval of fund managers. Our solution provides easy access to information for insurance companies and service providers with different add-on service levels.

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