The proliferation of ESG and sustainable funds in recent years has led to a flood of ESG ratings entering the market with little correlation between what is being measured. The increasing divergence of ESG ratings and pressure to validate a fund’s ESG credentials also places fund managers at risk of greenwashing their propositions.

What are Eco-Labels?

As part of the action plan on sustainable finance, the EU Commission launched a study on applying the EU Eco-Label framework to investment products. If attained, they stand as a symbol of demonstrating environmental excellence. Fund Eco-Labels, therefore, offer a unique opportunity for manufacturers of investment products to promote their ESG credentials.

Unlike many ESG ratings, Eco-Label accreditation is more likely to reflect the specific demands and expectations of investors of a fund market, as they are awarded on a jurisdictional basis. The application process and list of criteria therefore varies with each market, often with strict rules on when they can be applied for and renewed.

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Expert Guidance on the Eco-Label application process

We will undertake an initial screening of your fund and, depending on the result, work closely with you to prepare and submit the application or provide advice on how your fund can meet the chosen Eco-Label criteria.

Transparent and Detailed Output

We provide you with a detailed output on the various aspects of the criteria that go into the screening process. This includes feedback on the likelihood of a fund receiving the chosen Eco-Label accreditation and highlights any criteria that were marked as a fail.

Management and Expertise

A combination of our Global Funds Registration (GFR) and ESG capabilities help you manage the application process from screening through to accreditation, providing you with the opportunity to amplify your fund’s ESG credentials in key marketing documents and content.

ECO Label Credibility


We help your fund stand out in a particular market giving you a competitive edge and credibility when the labels are mentioned on your fund marketing documents.

ECO Label Benchmarking


Concentrate on certain aspects of your fund’s ESG criteria and measure it against benchmarks to demonstrate how well it outperforms its peers on those criteria.

ECO Label Transparency


We provide budgeting certainty due to a transparent cost model. Some auditors charge per hour whereas we have an all-in price point per aspect of the service.

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