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What are the benefits of sending your data to FE fundinfo?

FE fundinfo views its database as the golden source. We establish this gold standard by sourcing data directly from asset managers and ensuring all data stored in our database is expertly managed.

Why asset managers choose to send data to FE fundinfo

Asset managers send data to FE fundinfo for three primary reasons:

Validation of fund information

When asset managers send us data, it is necessary that each data point is validated and verified before it enters our golden source fund database to maintain its quality. Asset managers are able to leverage the automated controls we have to flag and identify recurring errors or omissions.

Publication of fund information

This enables asset managers to display their fund information on our proprietary fund research websites such as Trustnet and where investors are able to research and access fund data, documents, news and videos, as well as conduct comparisons

Downstream distribution operations

Asset managers can also take advantage of our connected services on the Fund Information Hub serving the full fund data lifecycle, including fund data and document management, and distribution

On occasion, when it proves beneficial for our clients, we may seek to obtain specific data fields/sets from data vendors or distributors designated by the client.

The benefits of sending data to FE fundinfo

Having complete and comprehensive fund data sets within our golden source database offers significant benefits to our clients. It enables us to perform the following activities to enrich the data and prepare it for input into other fund distribution and marketing outputs on behalf of our clients:

1. Distribution of required data and documents externally such as UCITS KIDs, PRIIPs KIIDs, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) reports, factsheets and ESG factsheets as well as regulatory data templates such as European PRIIPs Template (EPT), European MiFID Template (EMT), European ESG Template (EET) and Tripartite Template (TPT), Fair Value mid-Price Template (FVPT) and Defined Contribution Pensions Template (DCPT).

2. Having a comprehensive set of data (types) aligned to a fund enables us to conduct calculations including regulatory and non-regulatory calculations for the production of regulatory data templates, regulatory and investor reporting such as risk calculations including UCITS SRRI and PRIIPs SRI, SFDR, transaction costs, performance scenarios, and non-regulatory calculations.

3. Asset managers immediately benefit from access to an integrated solution, connecting their fund data to a full suite of technology-led distribution operation solutions where significant cost savings and operational efficiencies can be realised through streamlined business processes, interconnectivity and interoperability.

Our expertise in staying on top of and even ahead of regulatory requirements, coupled with maintaining a comprehensive data set, and calculations and automation capabilities provide unparalleled added value to our clients.

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