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What is FE fundinfo's Loopback?

Maintaining and controlling the accuracy of fund information displayed in the market is an ongoing challenge for data and distribution teams. To put this in perspective, FE fundinfo queries and validates over 35,000 erroneous data arriving from external sources points each month.

Fund data distribution: The challenge of keeping data error-free within the fund data distribution network

Huge volumes of fund data points and documents are exchanged each year between fund managers and their distribution partners which include data vendors, private banks and media companies. But recently, the amount exchange occuring is constantly changing due to the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

For over 25 years, FE fundinfo has been a valuable partner in helping fund managers with the distribution of fund data and documents, enabling them to distribute their information efficiently to a broad distribution network.

The one challenge fund managers face is making sure your distribution partner has access to your up-to-date fund data and documents. The other ongoing administrative burden of maintaining and controlling the accuracy of your data that is published and circulated in the market.

While FE fundinfo plays a crucial role in fund data distribution, the ultimate decision on publishing lies with the distributors.

Delays and errors in data can stem from various sources, manual processes, and a growing disconnect within the asset management ecosystem where there is an increasing number of market participants. But the main problem however, is if your data is consistently inaccurate and incomplete, it exposes your firm to unwanted regulatory, reputational, and financial risks, leading to lost business.

To minimise these inaccuracies, FE fundinfo queries and validates over 35,000 erroneous data points arriving from external sources each month. This saves you from enduring countless hours being wasted on error tracking, which further complicated by the ever-growing reliance on distribution networks and media channels for fund distribution.

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How FE fundinfo’s Loopback service mitigate risks during data dissemination

FE fundinfo’s Loopback is an extension of our Data Dissemination service and is the ultimate solution for fund managers to safeguard against the potential dangers of having inaccurate data being pushed to the market.

By ensuring the utmost precision in data displayed by vendors and distributors, Loopback empowers you to optimise your distribution operations and have complete control over the anomaly resolution process from start to finish.

This includes:

End-to-end reconciliation – let us do the heavy lifting

End-to-end reconciliation means that the accuracy and integrity of your data is assured. There's no need for you to liaise with your key data vendors and distribution partners, because we take over the initiative and liaise with them directly, acting as the bridge to resolve any data anomalies that may arise.

You can rely on our dedicated team to work tirelessly until complete resolution is achieved, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of your data accuracy. You can trust us to handle the reconciliation process seamlessly, as we are committed to excellence, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your core business.

Automated issue detection – helping you streamline fund data management processes

By leveraging our innovative technology, you gain complete visibility of all data checked with a clear view of the entire data workflow. Automated data checking mechanisms are in place to cross-reference your data against our renowned golden source of truth database.

In addition, our dedicated Loopback team completes supplemental data checks so you can say goodbye to manual error-checking and hello to a streamlined and efficient reporting process.

Faster reconciliation with your fund distribution network

Our cutting-edge technology not only streamlines reconciliation process, it saves you a lot of time and valuable resources. This allows you to invest time expanding your business to new markets.

With the help of our dynamic tracking system, you can real-time monitor your data, and gain control of the whole communication process between all parties involved.

Additionally, our proprietary distributor dashboard provides you real-time feedback, making it easier than ever for you to identify and resolve any discrepancies. In gaining these actionable, you’re in a stronger position to prioritise data fields that need attention.

Instant transparent reporting

You can effortlessly maintain the accuracy of your governance reporting with our transparent reporting solution. Your own configurable dashboard captures timely updates and provides you with full visibility of your data quality results over time.

How Loopback works: From Data ingestion, data dissemination to data reconciliation

First we make sure that your data is validated and ingested into our database in a complete and accurate manner. After that, we distribute your data and documents to our unrivalled and vetted network of distributors through our Data and Document Dissemination services. You also have the option to choose your distribution partners as well.

In this process, your data is checked via automated Application Program Interfaces (APIs), feeds or a review of the dissemination partners’ website. Your data is reconciled against our golden source of truth database. Any anomalies are automatically raised and will be resolved by our inhouse data team. During the whole process, you have access to a control dashboard via our Fund Information Hub.

Why Loopback is the end-to-end solution to your fund data dissemination challenges

With FE fundinfo’s Loopback, you can spend more time concentrating on your core business while we take over the end-to-end reconciliation where we liaise with vendors and resolve any data anomalies.

Loopback is built on experience. We offer over 25 years’ experience in fund data management and 15 year’s in Loopback, providing you the clarity and control you need to ensure ongoing data quality on the platforms of your key distribution partners.

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Loopback streamlines the laborious data checking process that drains your internal resources, so you can focus on achieving your business’s KPIs.

To learn more about how FE fundinfo’s Loopback service, request a meeting with one of our specialists today.

Discover how you can effortlessly distribute your fund’s data and documents accurately with a FE fundinfo’s Loopback. Request a meeting.
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