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Ensure the accuracy of your data displayed in the market

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Avoid the consequences of inaccurate fund data distribution

Asset Managers face the challenge of maintaining and controlling the accuracy of their fund information in the market. FE fundinfo helps distribute fund data and documents effectively, but the ultimate decision on publishing lies with recipients like data vendors and media companies.

Delays and incorrect data arise from disparate sources, manual processes, and increasing disconnect within the asset management ecosystem.

FE fundinfo’s Loopback service ensures you end-to-end anomaly resolution, leveraging over 15 years of experience in fund data management. It enables you to verify and report on distributed fund data via a single dashboard allowing you to view data discrepancies more easily and quickly.

Our in-house data team conducts quality control checks with real-time updates on the dashboard, providing a snapshot view of your fund data health accessible via the Fund Information Hub. 

  • End-to-end Reconciliation

    We liaise directly with your key data vendors and distribution partners to resolve your data anomalies, until complete resolution. 

  • Faster Reconciliation

    With dynamic tracking, fluid responses and instant feedback fed through our proprietary distributor dashboard, we facilitate quicker reconciliation.

  • Automated Issue Detection

    Users are able to gain complete visibility of all data checked with a clear view of the entire data workflow. 

  • Transparent Reporting

    Ensure the accuracy of your governance reporting with timely updates captured on your own configurable dashboard, with full visibility of your data quality results over time.


Backed up by the numbers

Maximise data accuracy with our post-publishing Loopback service

  • 15 +

    Year's of experience

    with post publishing service

  • 45 +

    Clients who entrust us

    with their data quality management

  • 11000 +

    Data queries

    raised and solved on a monthly basis

The cost of data inaccuracies

Calculate your gross annual cost of resolving data inaccuracies



Loopback ensures seamless data integrity and significantly diminishes the frequency of data anomaly queries between distribution partners.

Visibility of Data Checks

Our team repeatedly follow up your distribution end points until all data errors and queries are resolved.

We also provide full visibility of the following data points:

  • Live (API) connection with distributors
  • Share classes in scope and checked
  • Data fields in scope and checked
  • Reconciliation schedule
  • Anomalies by record type
  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Ludo Milne FE Fundinfo
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Visibility of Distribution

Full visibility across your entire distribution network including:

  • Failed data checks per distributor
  • Cases raised per distributor
  • Case status per distributor
  • Response time
  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Ludo Milne FE Fundinfo
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Reporting and Analysis

Chart your data quality over time with trend analysis of data type and distributor discrepancies. Download your analysis as reports in PDF, Excel or in HTML format.

  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Ludo Milne FE Fundinfo
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A complete solution

FE fundinfo's Loopback service combined with My Data offers you full data quality control at the point of ingestion and distribution.

  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Ludo Milne FE Fundinfo
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LOOPBACK – INSIGHTS – What Is FE Fundinfo›S Loopback? (1)


What is FE fundinfo's Loopback?

FE fundinfo’s Loopback solution helps asset managers mitigate the risks of inaccurate fund data distribution as it ensures the accuracy of fund data published in the market.

Tim Goodhind 2


Loopback – Leading the change towards accurate fund data distribution

Tim Goodhind, Chief Revenue Officer at FE fundinfo, explains the motivation behind enhancing our existing capability to verify and report on distributed fund data.