The Cross Border Distribution of Funds (CBDF) regime introduced major changes to the marketing of funds in Europe. These changes aim to reduce the regulatory barriers associated with selling and distributing investment funds across different jurisdictions in Europe.

For Fund Managers, one of the key, and perhaps most beneficial changes, was the removal of the need for UCITS funds to have a physical presence in the host Member State for the purpose of making facilities available to local investors.

Although Fund Managers can benefit from the removal of a physical presence, the CBDF still imposes a number of stringent requirements that must be met regarding marketing communications and the publication of regulatory information. Therefore, the need to comply with CBDF, and transition from the traditional paying agent structure can present a number of challenges for fund managers including the lack of CBDF information readily available and necessary processes in place for efficient cross-border distribution.

FE fundinfo builds on over 15 years of experience delivering facilities services in the UK, with in-depth knowledge and understanding of CBDF requirements. Our European Facilities Service removes the “agent” confusion and effort involved in complying with EU legislation, all through a single solution.

How we can help

Speed to market

Speed to market

Due diligence across multiple jurisdictions takes time and effort. We remove the administrative burden that arises with KYC/AML checks and the repeated signing of agreements and contracts.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

By working with a single provider across all jurisdictions and removing the reliance on the current paying agent infrastructure, our service will reduce the costs of cross-border distribution. We charge per country or umbrella, rather than the sub-fund or share class which can significantly reduce the overall cost of maintaining the fund’s registrations.

Specialist advice

Specialist advice

Your dedicated Registration Manager with an average of 15 years’ experience is available to provide support and advice, and facilitate the initial and ongoing registration of your fund.

European Facilities Service - Our Capabilities

Effective communication

We will handle all communications from investors and regulators in each jurisdiction. All enquiries will be acknowledged and actioned in accordance with the fund manager’s requirements and in their respective EU language. Fund Managers also have the benefit of leveraging our proven solution for producing, storing and distributing compliant fund data and documents via our extensive dissemination network.

A single solution

Increase operational efficiencies and streamline your cross-border distribution process by outsourcing to a provider that can undertake the requirements of the CBDF in a single solution.

Experience and knowledge

Take advantage of our expert understanding of the requirements of the CBDF Directives. Our European Facilities service builds on 15 years’ experience of offering a facilities service in the UK.