As a fund marketer, you need the ability to produce fund marketing documents such as fact sheets and bulletins, that delivers key fund information to your investors in a transparent and easy to understand format.

Producing these documents in-house can involve hours spent on spreadsheets, manually populating monthly fact sheets with the inherent risk of human errors or inconsistencies. 

You should be confident that your fact sheets efficiently deliver fund information in a format that is easily comprehensible for your investors but without the significant cost of internal time and resource. 

What access to our Fact Sheet Production solution means for you

Free up time and resource

Free up time and resource

By signing off your fund data at source you can eliminate time consuming approvals, freeing up resource to focus on your customers and greatly reduce the risk of any errors or inconsistencies

Extend your global reach

Extend your global reach

Your fact sheets can be produced in multiple languages to comply with local legislation, supporting your global distribution efforts.

Reduce compliance risk

Reduce compliance risk

We check and validate data based on your chosen tolerances month-on-month, and ensure the data remains accurate. Any discrepancies are easily flagged to you via a dashboard without the need to review every document.

How does our fund fact sheet production work?  

Data accuracy and compliance is first and foremost when building a trusted brand. Following data ingestion, your data files are subject to onboarding and reconciliation checks to ensure complete accuracy.

Once the data is validated, our configuration tool allows the customisation of your documents, creating on-brand designs via our secure portal. The portal also allows you to take control of how your templates look; you can change the fonts, colours, table styles and preview changes instantly before publishing.​

Key Features

Golden source of data

We accept data in all forms and from all sources. Whether its in a spreadsheet or from a third party, we’ll produce a single source of clean data. 

Audit trail and archive

All documents are accessible using our secure portal and lists a trail of completed actions automatically, essential for any transparent, compliant process. Published documents are archived for 10 years.

Efficient process

Our configuration tool gives you the flexibility to build branded templates with ease. Our secure portal also allows you to review your documents in both PDF or HTML formats.

Backed up by the numbers


documents generated every hour


fund marketing and regulatory documents produced annually


fund documents ingested and validated on our database