A range of portfolios based on simplicity and clarity

Our Hybrid range offers a blend of 10-15 active and passive funds, balancing cost and diversification benefits with our proven track record of delivering superior risk adjusted returns.


Robust investment process

Our investment process focuses on risk and diversification. It balances quantitative, data driven analysis with qualitative research. The quantitative process is powered by EValue’s powerful actuarial consultancy, our proprietary portfolio optimiser and FE fundinfo's comprehensive range of fund ratings. Our qualitative research of non-numerical data is applied to the asset allocation, portfolio optimisation and investment selection by our team. It is the combination that provides significant improvements in risk management and drives superior risk adjusted returns.


Combination of active and passive

Our portfolio range has been designed to deliver a selection of portfolios based on simplicity and clarity. The portfolio range combines passive and active fund managers, balancing cost benefits with our track record of selecting active fund managers that compliment each other to optimise portfolio diversification. The portfolios have a price cap for the Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) at 0.55% to control costs. They are designed for clients who are comfortable with a portfolio holding 10-15 investments and prefer concise, clear commentary.


Blend of fund strategies

Each of the portfolios blend a range of fund strategies across the whole portfolio, typically with one to two funds per asset class or geographical allocation. These portfolios are rebalanced half yearly following an extensive review by our team.

The managed portfolio range offers 15 portfolios with a 0.55% price cap. The range of portfolios is term-weighted meaning you can cater to the differing investment objectives of your clients and uses five risk levels spanning three time horizons.

We offer seamless integration into our risk profiling tool, Investment Planner, and our research software FE Analytics and the models can be tailored to third party risk profiling tools if required.

We offer the range via 17 different platforms: abrdn, Advance, Aegon, Aegon Retirement choices, AJ Bell, Ascentric, Aviva, Funds Network, Fusion, James Hay, Novia, Nucleus, Old Mutual Wealth, Praemium, Transact and 7IM.

FE Investments is a trading name for Financial Express Investments Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of FE fundinfo Limited. Financial Express Investments Limited is registered in England and Wales (03110696) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (209967).

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