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FE Investments Hybrid Portfolios

The Hybrid range blends active and passive strategies to provide clients with lower-cost,
risk-targeted portfolio options.

The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and you may
not get back the amount
originally invested.

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Meeting your needs

Balancing cost and data-driven diversification

The FE Investments Hybrid portfolios aim to bring you and your clients a set of simple and clear risk-focused investment options.

The range blends both active and passive funds to produce a set of portfolios that balance cost considerations with diversification and risk management.

We aim to keep the number of holdings low to allow for clear and concise reporting with a low price cap.

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  • Clear data-led risk management

    Hybrid combines our data-focused risk management and fund analysis with a portfolio optimisation process. It's suitable for clients looking for a simple-to-understand risk-targeted investment option.

  • Clear and concise reporting

    In our Hybrid range, we look to provide clear reporting for you and your clients, covering everything you need to know in a simple and concise manner.

  • Lower-cost diversified investments

    Investing in both active and passive strategies allows us to provide clients with lower overall costs, while still ensuring a diversified asset allocation.


How does Hybrid support your clients?

Combining active and passive management

A blended investment in active and passive strategies can help with risk management in adverse market conditions.

Our portfolio construction in the Hybrid range is designed for clients who are looking for exposure to both active fund managers and passive strategies to maximise diversification, while still wanting a holistic view and complementary asset allocations.

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  • Increased diversification from active fund strategies
  • Lower cost provided by passive fund strategies
  • Simple and clear solution
  • Portfolios for different client risk profiles and time-horizons
  • Enhanced ESG reporting


Hybrid Portfolios

What to expect

  • 15


    in the Hybrid range

  • Up to 15


    in each portfolio

  • 2

    Portfolio rebalances

    per year

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