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FE Investments Responsibly Managed Portfolios

The Responsibly Managed range brings our analytical ESG framework to the fore in
order to provide responsible, pragmatic, risk-targeted returns that aim to reduce negative
effects, and increase positive influences, on the world around us.

The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and
you may not get back the amount originally invested.

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Meeting your needs

Integrating ESG into our robust investment process

The FE Investments Responsibly Managed range builds on our core principles of doing less harm and doing more good, while delivering on our risk and return profiles.

The portfolios aim to cater for those investors who want to do more good and less harm with their portfolios, rather than having very strict ethical and sustainable investment criteria.

Our portfolios will therefore look to reduce exposure to ethically questionable industries and invest in funds that are more actively contributing to make a better world.

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  • ESG and data-led investments

    Our focus is on creating some social and environmental benefits from your client’s investments, whilst continuing to prioritise management of risk and investment returns for the portfolio.

    This pragmatic approach to responsible investing allows us to deliver on your clients’ financial objectives, whilst positively contributing to environmental and social factors.

  • Engaging for a positive impact

    We don’t just incorporate responsible principles into our investment decisions, we also try to influence the industry to improve by engaging with fund groups.

    Our data and qualitative research team provide detailed insight into underlying companies to assess their ESG credentials and hold them accountable where necessary.

  • Do less harm

    We aim to reduce the portfolio’s exposure to investments that have a negative impact on the environment or society, as well as companies that have questionable investment practices.

    For example, this may involve investment into funds that use negative screening to avoid industries such as fossil fuels, tobacco and mining.

  • Do more good

    We aim to include exposure to investments that positively contribute 
    to the environment, society or the world.

    This involves funds that use positive screening and funds which invest in companies that aim to have a positive influence on the world, for example those with a focus on clean energy. The fund managers may also try to improve the practices of the companies in which they invest.

Key Features

How does Responsibly Managed support your clients?

Integrating ESG into the investment process

‘Responsibly managed’ is the broad term we use to describe the range of methods used by fund managers to identify investments that are managed in a responsible way.

This includes Ethical Investing, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Our Responsibly Managed Portfolio range combines funds that incorporate all these philosophies and investment practices.

Please note, not all assets held in the Responsible Portfolio Range will meet environmental or social criteria and portfolios that are at the lower end of the risk and time horizon scales will tend to have a higher allocation to bonds, including government bonds that we see as neutral to any environmental or social outcome. 

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  • Clear ESG principles
  • Holding asset mangers to account
  • Minimised exposure to controversy
  • Enhanced ESG reporting


Responsibly Managed Portfolios

What to expect

  • 15


    in the Responsibly Managed range

  • 10


    in each portfolio

  • 2

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