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FE Investments Natural Income Portfolios

The Natural Income range has specific objectives designed to deliver on outcome based
client requirements. It looks to provide both capital growth and an income yield, changing
the balance depending on their needs.

The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and
you may not get back the amount originally invested.

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Meeting your needs

Dual-focused portfolios to better meet your clients' needs

Income can be a key part of any investor’s financial plan and an important part of maintaining their lifestyle. Our Natural Income portfolio range is designed to help your clients receive a diversified investment yield, and meet varied capital requirements.

The range is for clients who need to maintain a sustainable income over a longer time frame, and retain a robust approach to risk in adverse market conditions. This is achieved by aiming to provide a diverse income from a universe of funds across different geographies and asset classes.

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  • Data-led risk management

    We combine our strong data analysis with our risk management and diversification processes to create a range of outcomes-based portfolios with different objectives in mind.

  • Outcomes-based approach to income

    By looking at capital growth requirements as well as a clients’ yield needs, we are able to provide a more comprehensive approach to income, and better match your clients’ needs.

  • Diverse portfolio asset allocation

    A diverse approach to portfolio construction enables us to diversify income risk compared to traditional income portfolios, while helping to ensure income is less impacted by negative market events. 

    Our diversified income portfolio management and asset allocation can also allow us to better avoid traditional income pitfalls such as sequencing risk, meaning your clients' capital is safer.

  • Improved client understanding

    Our reports allow you and your clients to visualise the income from the portfolio graphically or in cash terms. Portfolio and descriptive reports help you manage client expectations more easily.

Key Features

How does Natural Income support your clients?

Delivering a stable and increasing income

The Natural Income Portfolios use our distinctive risk and diversification focused approach to investing but make it relevant to income investors. 

Our view is that income investors care about the money that is being paid every month or quarter, and this doesn’t have a direct relationship to yield. While a fund’s yield could go up or down, the dividend payout may actually increase over time. 

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  • 5 portfolios for different capital growth and income yield objectives
  • Outcomes-based approach
  • Reporting in real pounds and pence
  • Diverse blend of income investments

Backed up by the numbers

Natural Income Portfolios

What to expect

  • 5

    Portfolios in the

    Natural Income range

  • 15


    in each portfolio

  • 1

    portfolio rebalance

    per year

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