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FE Investments Decumulation Portfolios

The Decumulation range brings a probability-based approach to financial planning and portfolio management. Matching your client's retirement circumstances to their investments helps provide
them with a sustainable level of income they need to live comfortably in retirement.

The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and you may not
get back the amount originally invested.

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Meeting your needs

Analysing all retirement risks

As a client transitions into retirement, a change in investment approach is needed. While previously the primary risks were volatility and changes in the value of their portfolio, in decumulation, their primary concerns are whether they have enough income to meet their retirement goals and needs.

Our Decumulation Illustrator tool, which can be accessed through FE Analytics, helps bring your clients' circumstances to life by demonstrating the different options available in decumulation, helping you ensure they have a diversified and sustainable retirement portfolio.

For this reason, access to the tool via FE Analytics is required when recommending the Decumulation Portfolios to your clients.

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  • Rethinking retirement risk

    In retirement, portfolio risk becomes more focused on matching client cashflow requirements. Traditional risk approaches that only consider volatility bands are not suitable for these clients.

  • Meeting your clients' retirement goals

    We centre planning on the long term drawdown needs to make sure that your clients' retirement goals are achievable, and that they do not run out of money before those goals are achieved.

  • Visual modelling

    Our probability driven Decumulation Illustrator tool brings your clients' circumstances to life and allows you to calculate the likelihood that their retirement pot will deliver on their goals. 

  • Allowing capital to go further

    We help you plan for your client's retirement and enable their money to go further by giving you a choice of different investment strategies and income projections across different time horizons.


Providing your clients with a sustainable retirement income

Helping your clients reach their retirement goals

Our Decumulation portfolio range aims to provide your clients with a well thought out, planned and sustainable income drawdown during retirement.

The range consists of two portfolios which are constructed to consider the income needs of your clients, while also making sure that their capital does not run out prematurely, working in tandem with a cashflow plan.

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  • Compliant approach to retirement investing
  • Probability-driven cashflow plan
  • Works in tandem with our Decumulation Illustrator tool
  • ESG-focused reporting


Decumulation Portfolios

What to expect

  • 15


    in the Initial Income Portfolio

  • 37


    in the Long Term Retirement Portfolio

  • 4

    up to 4 portfolio rebalances

    per year

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