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FE Investments Mosaic Portfolios

The Mosaic range gives your clients access to risk-targeted portfolios with
a greater depth of reporting and a wider range of portfolio holdings within
the asset allocation.

The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up
and you may not get back the amount originally invested.

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Meeting your needs

More diversification with greater reporting analysis

Mosaic is designed for clients who want a greater number of holdings in different asset classes, either due to concern around concentration risk or a desire for exposure to more niche satellite strategies. 

This increased number of holdings means we are able to provide more detailed and sophisticated reporting, while still retaining the clarity needed for communication with your clients.

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  • Exposure to target sub-strategies

    Mosaic combines our data-focused risk management and diversification process with a more nuanced approach to asset allocation. This is suitable for clients looking to access specific sub-strategies.

  • More holdings, less concentration

    With a broader investment universe and greater number of holdings, we can reduce some of the risks within portfolio construction such as concentration risk, while maintaining diversification and following our risk-targeted portfolio strategy.

  • More detailed reporting

    Investing in a variety of different sub-strategies means we have access to data and can provide more detailed reporting for you and your clients. Our reports are designed to integrate with your advice processes and support you in providing a higher quality service.


How does Mosaic support your clients?

Multi-strategy investing

The FE Investments Mosaic Portfolios aim to blend a set of core and satellite strategies across a range of assets into a broader diversified portfolio. Each asset class or geographical region forms a "tile" in the asset allocation which, when combined with other tiles in the construction, comes together to form the “mosaic”.

The portfolio has a higher number of holdings than our other ranges, allowing for greater levels of reporting and more diversification optimisations at both a portfolio and asset allocation level, ideally suited for your clients with more complex or sophisticated needs.

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  • Broader investment universe
  • Lower concentration risk
  • In-depth reporting
  • Enhanced ESG reporting


Mosaic Portfolios

What to expect

  • 15


    in the Mosaic range

  • 45

    up to 45 holdings

    in each portfolio

  • 4

    portfolio rebalances

    per year

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