A range of portfolios delivering a broad selection of holdings and detailed reporting

Our Mosaic range of portfolios deliver a broad selection of 25-45 holdings, an advanced investment strategy and in-depth reporting for clients.


Robust investment process

Our investment process focuses on risk and diversification. It balances quantitative, data driven analysis with qualitative research. The quantitative process is powered by EValue’s powerful actuarial consultancy, our proprietary portfolio optimiser and FE fundinfo’s comprehensive range of fund ratings. Our qualitative research of non-numerical data is applied to the asset allocation, portfolio optimisation and investment selection by our team. It is the combination that provides significant improvements in risk management and drives superior risk adjusted returns.


A range of fund strategies to minimise concentration risk

The Mosaic portfolio range consists of a blend of multiple sub-portfolios in each asset class, each containing a range of fund strategies, delivering a less concentrated portfolio than our FE Investments models and the total holding size ranges from 20 – 45. In each asset class “tile” there is a blend of fund investment strategies which aims to harvest extra diversification benefits. These are re balanced quarterly following an extensive review by our team.


More detail for knowledgeable investors

Mosaic offers more detailed reporting compared to our Hybrid range of portfolios and we still strive to retain our trademark simplicity and clarity of terminology. The portfolios are designed for clients who have more sophisticated understanding of markets and want to delve deeper into the ongoing portfolio management.

The Responsibly Managed range offers a choice of 15 portfolios, with five risk-optimised portfolios spanning three investment time horizons.

The portfolio management process is dynamic and persistent: the analytical process is ongoing, and we retain the flexibility to implement alterations to the portfolio in order to add value. So, whilst we have quarterly rebalancing points, we can make incremental, value added adjustments.

Ongoing review of the funds is performed by our governance system, which has been developed in-house. We developed this system to monitor risk, performance, behavioural changes and the structure of the funds. Discrepancies in these areas are flagged up for review by our analysts and should we need to adjust our portfolios we can implement changes immediately following a decision. Our team of highly qualified portfolio managers oversee portfolios with strict volatility constraints and flag up concerns to the appropriate review committee for further action.

FE Investments is a trading name for Financial Express Investments Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of FE fundinfo Limited. Financial Express Investments Limited is registered in England and Wales (03110696) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (209967).

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