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What is FE fundinfo's Fund Information Hub?

Fund Managers face numerous challenges on a daily basis, with managing ever-increasing growth of fund data volume being one aspect draining resources and time. As regulatory requirements are constantly changing, the provision of data and frequency of exchange alongside the increasing number of players within the fund management ecosystem are contributing to rising operational costs.

Ensuring fund data quality and accuracy throughout this process is paramount, but equally time consuming. You need to set aside time to determine what fields, files and documents need to be sent over to distributors. All while being mindful of when to transmit your information and how often - adding more variables to the process of distributing funds.

To add, the complexity of cross-border fund distribution and compliance, while adhering to local market requirements and languages is another contributing factor.

These challenges highlight the need for integrated and state-of-the art technologies backed by expert professionals to help you manage and overcome these challenges.

Streamlining your fund data management and global fund distribution with FE fundinfo’s Fund Information Hub – The future of Fund Tech

The Fund Information Hub (FIH) is a product that emcompasses FE fundinfo’s vision to streamline fund data management, documents and distribution - all in one place. FIH serves the global fund management industry and its participants more efficiently and effectively to provide frictionless global distribution.

FIH provides a unified service platform built on open architecture technology, enabling greater connectivity between insourced and outsourced functions, processes and systems.

The platform brings asset management services together to create efficiency throughout the middle office, in an overall workflow we call the value chain.

The value chain is FIH’s backbone that links all the connected services covering Data Ingestion & Validation, Fund Lifecycle Management, Fund Registration and Regulatory Filing, Regulatory Reporting, Investor Communications, as well as Data & Document Publishing and Distribution. 

Figure 1 below shows all the key components of the Fund Information Hub and how they all work together.

Fund Information Hub Diagram

(Figure 1)


The front end, the FIH portal, acts as the single point of entry and enables you and your team to interact with and monitor all the services you use through our intuitive dashboards. This ensures a connected user experience and enables continuous visibility of workflows, data quality and alerts that need to be addressed.

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How FE fundinfo’s Fund Information Hub solves the key challenges of data management and global distribution 

Thanks to its highly sophisticated value chain technology and our Golden Source fund data at the core, the Fund Information Hub portal, facilitates simplified, transparent and comprehensive data management, data and document distribution, and investor and regulatory report production.

For an asset manager, choosing FE fundinfo not only translates into taking advantage of the latest technology, streamlined and highly automated functions to help reduce operational costs, it also offers significant further benefits:

Reduce the administrative burden of complex fund data management

The Fund Information Hub has the power to transform your fund data management and alleviate your teams from the complexities and administrative burdens.

Generating large quantities of fund data points bears a number of risks if done inadequately. Data needs to be continuously verified, validated and maintained for it to be suitable for document production or further distribution via templates into the market. Any inaccuracies in data mismanaged internally translates into errors distributed via templates or documents into the market resulting in a domino effect of loss of sales, damage to an asset manager`s reputation or even fines.

Additionally, data management involving multiple parties such as internal teams and outsourced functions increases risk of error with the added to-and-fro of emails and multiple points of exchange. Thanks to the automated workflows triggered by events, FIH simplifies and streamlines the entire process, giving you complete control over your data management functions.

FIH also gives you access to FE fundinfo’s golden source fund database, allowing you to cross-reference your data for quality assurance purposes. FIH is not just a platform, it is supported by experts who consistently review and update your data. Our streamlined data management process ensures high-quality data from ingestion to distribution and even at the point of sale.

Additionally, the application offers 24/7 accessibility and transparency to your fund data against our golden source database, enabling you to regain control and rectify any anomalies once your data has been submitted. Plus, our empowers you to gain full control over the accuracy of your data displayed in the market, ensuring end-to-end anomaly resolution.

Comply with the fund regulations and better manage cross-border fragmentation

Keeping track with the ever-evolving complex European and UK fund regulatory landscape is a huge challenge. When using FIH, you gain access to our in-house regulatory expertise.

FE fundinfo has a proven track record ensuring that our clients meet regulatory deadlines and respond to impending changes on time. Users will benefit from our full end-to-end service from regulatory data management, data enrichment and calculations, fund registrations and regulatory filing, right through to the production and distribution of regulatory and legal documents to keep you ahead of the curb.

Future proof your business with the Fund Information Hub    

As we've already explored, asset management organisations face a number of significant challenges. To optimise and thrive in these competitive and often unpredictable environments, it's imperative for your business to have robust technology infrastructure in place to future-proof operations.

FIH offers a complete and integrated solution for asset managers to better prepare for regulatory change and speed up the launch of new propositions in new markets

Here are the key features that help asset managers future-proof their business:

Easily integrate to your existing system       

By the seamless integration of the Fund Information Hub, you simplify your fund registration, filing, data management, document production and distribution services through a single platform.

Leverage innovative technology and unleash scalability

Our cutting-edge technology empowers you with advanced workflow management and automation, streamlining your distribution operations effortlessly.

Benefit from real-time insights

Monitor and analyse the health of your fund data at every touchpoint, from ingestion to distribution to sales and benchmark it against your peers.

Take advantage of impeccable data quality processes

Eliminate manual processes and benefit from FE fundinfo's expertise in robust inbound data validation, exception reporting, quality analysis and monitoring of disseminated data.

Broaden your distribution reach

Unlock operational efficiencies by leveraging our extensive global +300 partner dissemination network.

Stay ahead of regulations

Rest easy knowing that we will ensure your ongoing regulatory compliance and help you prepare for any impending changes.

With the Fund Information Hub you use best-of breed technology to take your fund data management and distribution efforts to new heights

By connecting to the Fund Information Hub, you streamline and transform your fund data management and global fund distribution to help you sustain a competitive edge. This powerful platform allows you to eliminate inefficient processes, while also enabling digital distribution and enhancing your agility to meet regulatory requirements.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your fund data, documents and distribution across multiple platforms. Discover how your teams can unlock the power of the Fund Information Hub to streamline your global fund distribution operations. Contact us today and speak to one of our specialists.

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