Efficiently reach key distribution partners 

Our Data Dissemination service allows you to deliver your fund data to us in a single batch. Our data team will ensure a systematic quality control of your data and provide feedback in case of missing or erroneous data. Your data is then delivered to your clients and international distribution partners in a standardised and quality assured format, reducing the burden on your client support teams.

Our cloud-based datafeed portal enables your distribution partners to always access your latest fund information. They can then create their own tailor-made feeds based on a selection of your ISINs and data fields.

Why Data Dissemination will add value to your distribution operations

Leverage FE fundinfo's distribution network

Leverage FE fundinfo's distribution network

Optimising and extending the distribution of fund data to key distributors is critical to success in a hyper-competitive market. With our dissemination service you get access to our network of financial institutions, data vendors, software providers, technology companies, and ratings agencies. 

Operational efficiencies

Operational efficiencies

You save time and administrative cost as you are dealing with one experienced partner versus multiple recipients to scale distribution. Your data is collected and disseminated always on time. 

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

You always fulfill regulatory demands impacting distributor and client needs. We have the requisite regulatory expertise to advise on cross border implications to help you optimise fund distribution operations while meeting disclosure requirements for PRIIPs, UCITS, MiFID and SFDR.

Enhanced data quality & accuracy

Enhanced data quality & accuracy

Stringent automated validation checks are applied and re-validated to ensure continuous data integrity.

Distribution and marketing insights

Distribution and marketing insights

You get access to dashboards and reports that provide fund data consumption insights and information across the distribution network.

Enabling easy access to your fund data

Enabling easy access to your fund data

Our portal enables your distribution partners to access your fund data, including MiFID II compliant Target Market data, PRIIPS and SFDR data quickly and easily via automated feeds. Distributors can create their own tailor-made feeds based on a selection of ISINs and data fields.

Our expert data analysts actively manage the ingestion of fund data directly from source for more than 77,500 active funds, across 215,000+ active share classes.

Our data in numbers


Static data fields processed each month


Aggregated Portfolios / breakdowns processed per month


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Our extensive network connects Fund Managers with Fund Distributors

Our large network of partners trust us to ensure the seamless transfer of timely and accurate data, crucial to enriching their own propositions. We work with a range of solutions providers across the industry, such as financial institutions, data vendors, software providers, technology companies, ratings agencies and other investment data providers.

Data Dissemination - key features

Direct access to global fund markets

We are one of the leading international service providers with direct access to international fund distributors, media partners and data vendors.

Validation and quality control

Our in-house data team conducts systematic quality control on your data. If data is missing or erroneous, you receive detailed feedback for root-cause analysis, thereby ensuring that your fund data is uniform, correct and complete.

Data is at our core

Our experienced global data team of over 250 staff are committed to enriching the quality of fund data and optimising the process of distribution. 

Seamless exchange

We pioneered a global standard (‘openfunds’) with UBS, Credit Suisse and Julius Baer to establish a common industry standard and facilitate the seamless exchange of data.

A complete solution

Our Data Dissemination service combined with Document Dissemination offers a complete solution for your business that efficiently satisfies regulatory requirements, such as MiFID II and PRIIP KIDs.

Our Data Dissemination service allows fund managers to connect with the wider market place and end investors through their distribution partners.”

Philipp Portmann, Head of Business Development, FE fundinfo